• SRIKANTH SAINA WRITE GOLDEN DAY OF INDIAN BADMINTON: 21-year-old K Srikanth upset the Golden Guy of World Badminton Lin Dan 21-19, 21-17; and Saina beat Japan’s Akane Yagamuchi 21-12, 22-20
  • GOLDEN DAY FOR INDIAN BADMINTON: K Srikanth and Saina Nehwal won China Open Super Series women’s and men’s singles title respectively, a first in the history of Indiann Badminton when men’s and women’s singles crown are captured by two Indians.
  • IBL OPENED NEW AVENUES FOR ASHWINI : Read the whole story that how IBL gave the Bangalore girl mantra to improve her mixed doubles rankings.
  • SAINA IN SEMIS: India’s Saina Nehwal enters semi-finals of the China Open Championships with a 21-13, 17-21, 21-5 win over Suo Di of China.
  • Now, wrestling gets a pro league
  • Khim Wah happy with IBL experience
  • Inaugural IBL a smash hit: Saina
  • IBL succeeds in delivering IPL-style entertainment
  • Indian Badminton League – A huge success.4

14-Aug (2000hrs)
KDS v/s PP
PP wins with 3-2

15-Aug (1600hrs)
HH v/s AW
HH wins with 3-2

15-Aug (2000hrs)
BB v/s MM
MM wins with 3-2

17-Aug (1600hrs)
KDS v/s HH
KDS wins with 3-2

17-Aug (2000hrs)
MM v/s PP
PP wins with 3-2

18-Aug (2000hrs)
BB v/s AW
BB wins with 4-1

19-Aug (2000hrs)
HH v/s PP
HH wins with 4-1

20-Aug (2000hrs)
KDS v/s MM
MM wins with 4-1

22-Aug (1600hrs)
HH v/s MM
HH wins with 3-2

22-Aug (2000hrs)
AW v/s KDS
AW wins with 4-1

23-Aug (2000hrs)
PP v/s BB
PP wins with 4-1

24-Aug (2000hrs)
AW v/s MM
AW wins with 3-2

25-Aug (2000hrs)
BB v/s KDS
KDS wins with 4-1

26-Aug (2000hrs)
AW v/s PP
AW wins with 3-2

27-Aug (2000hrs)
HH v/s BB
BB wins with 3-2

28-Aug – 1st Semifinal
HH wins with 3-0

29-Aug – 2nd Semifinal
AW wins with 3-2

31-Aug – Final
HH wins with 3-1

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  • A Can-Do Belief In Indian Badminton

    mock While Saina Nehwal is the brightest star on the scene, there are many other upcoming Indian shuttlers who are geared up for the next level, says former All-England More

Point Table

Team Ties Wins Losses Points
HH 5 3 2 17
AW 5 3 2 16
PP 5 3 2 16
MM 5 2 3 15
KDS 5 2 3 13
BB 5 2 3 13

  • Luca Farulli
  • Diego Mencarelli
  • Luca Bonacorsi
  • Luigi Ciorciolini
  • Luca Rosati
  • Filippo Casale
  • Filippo Casale
  • Diego Mencarelli
  • Luca Bonacorsi
  • Luigi Ciorciolini

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